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What is Copywriting?

Can any Freelance Writer Learn to Become a Copywriter?

Professional copywriting skills are in demand and copy writing jobs are among the highest paid for freelance writers, so what does it take to become a copy writer?
Copywriters write “copy” or material which is commissioned by someone to perform a specific purpose, e.g.

  • Scripts for advertisements
  • Material for promotional brochures
  • Public relations material such as press releases
  • Marketing material of all sorts

The skills required are the same as for general freelance writing: a good command of the English language and the ability to communicate ideas and messages well.

In addition a copy writer requires a exceptional creative flair and the ability to work within extremely restricted word counts. They also need to have a knowledge of marketing methods and have the ingenuity to incorporate marketing techniques into their writing.

Copywriting is a craft, and there is much that has to be learned.

Writers who are hoping for copywriting careers can find many copywriting courses available online. A copywriting course can help by teaching the marketing knowledge and skills people which people with natural talent can combine with their writing ability to meet the very specific requirements of copy writing.

Compelling, Eye-Catching, Irresistible!

The first thing that people considering copywriting careers have to learn is the skill of writing headlines. Novelists often say that finding the right title, is more difficult that writing an entire 100,000-word novel. The copywriter is always facing the challenge of communicating with the fewest number of words, and the headline is where everything starts.

Catching the Audience and Keeping Them

Once a copywriter has mastered the art of grabbing the reader with a compelling, eye-catching and irresistible headline, the next task is to keep them and get the message across without boring or losing them. Whether it is copy for an advertisement, a press release, a web landing page, or a newsletter, the copywriter’s job is to hold on to the reader and make it impossible for them to go.


Engaging the Audience

Making a reader stay until the end requires the ability to intrigue, entertain, and offer something that the reader is looking for and cannot resist. Copywriting requires clever structure that is constantly moving onward and upward. If the headline was compelling and irresistible, the parts which follow have not only to live up to the promise, but to increase in intensity to take the reader step-by-step through to the end.

Persuading the Audience to Act!

The ultimate objective is to provoke the reader into action of some sort. A press release should be designed to make a journalist want to pick up the phone, do an interview and write an enormous feature article. A sales pitch should be designed to make people get out their credit cards and place an order immediately.

Professional Copywriting Requires a Professional Approach

Great copywriters are highly paid, but aiming to become a copywriter means being prepared to enter one of the toughest and most demanding areas of freelance writing.

Being ingenious, creative, eloquent, and clever are simply the pre-requisites; it’s then important to take the study of marketing seriously and add it to those natural abilities. After that, every copy writer must be able to work to strict deadlines and always deliver a great product.

Simple really!

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