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Hanoi – Quy Nhon – Tuy Hoa

Hanoi – Quy Nhon – Tuy Hoa backpacking trip with a friend
I had a trip to Quy Nhon, Tuy Hoa in April. It’s a memorable trip as the weather was so hard, I was dirty black after this tour but I could enjoy the stunning beauty of these places here. That’s wonderful.

Day 1: Quang Trung Museum + Ghenh Rang Tourist Area
Near midday, my friend and I took the taxi to visit the Quang Trung Museum. With the aim to study about history, we visit the memorial Quang Trung – Nguyen Hue grave. Unfortunately, that day took place only war drums performance and we didn’t have a chance to watch Tay Son martial arts, which is very famous in Quy Nhon, Vietnam.

Then we took the bus back to the city center. It’s more than one km from the museum to the bus station, but there was no taxi or motorbike taxi, so we had to wait. Luckily, there was a young man traversing. We waved frantically and asked for the price. He didn’t say anything, and when arriving at the bus station, he smiled and drove away. I felt like this place a lot. How friendly and cute people here were.
When arriving at the city center, we tried to find the hotels in Quy Nhon. Although we had noted some addresses and we can book a room online, but we wanted to go around to find the best one. Finally, we found Hoang Yen Hotel 3 that is beautiful and clean and has a good price. This hotel is very near Xuan Dieu seafood street with a variety of food that are so cheap.

In the afternoon, we visited Han Mac Tu hill and Mong Cam Slope, visited the Tomb of Han Mac Tu, Da Trung (Stone Egg) beach, and Hoang Hau (Queen) beach. All these spots are in Ghenh Rang tourist area.
Da Trung beach was very nice, but we came here a bit late, so it was a lack of sunshine. When it was 5 pm, the sky is shrouded in dark clouds, so we did not dare to continue playing and had to come back to the hotel. After noshing, we went to the sea and watched the sunset. I felt so peaceful and relaxed.

Day 2: Phuong Mai Peninsula and Quy Hoa leper’s hospital
At that time, I was just eager to go sand skating. From Quy Nhon City, toward Thi Nai Port, going through urban areas under construction, it is quite dusty. Going through Thi Nai Bridge (Stunning at nights), we arrived at the Phuong Mai Peninsula. We drive motorbike as quick as lightning through 20km range full of sand. The sun was scorching, occasionally we saw one truck running over. As we didn’t see anyone, we were afraid of getting lost. Finally, we reached our destination at noon. However, the woman selling gas told us not to run up the sand hill as we would be burnt under the baking sun. Therefore, we did not dare to climb again and came back. Along the way, we saw two small sandhills, disposed of vehicles along the road and ran up there playing, running around. Luckily, we took some lovely pictures.

Currently, there are many tourist attractions to visit in this Peninsula. My experience is that you should get up early, go at dawn to reach the sandhill at 6 am to 7 am. It’s still cool to go sand skating. After skating, go toward Nhon Ly Commune People’s Committee, which is only 1-2km distance, ask for directions to Eo Gio. The water here is clear, limpid. There is no sand to be grounds for bathing, but there are many cliffs, or rocks round up into a pool crank. Taking a dip is very comfortable. It’s so quiet and deserted.

Coconut water here is excellent, or because we were hungry, we drink 2 coconuts. On the way, we visit Thap Doi (Twin Tower). The tower is open until 4 pm only, so you should go soon.

In the afternoon, we turned toward Quy Hoa leper’s hospital. This place was peaceful. You did not have to fear of contamination. The leper hospital is along the Quy Hoa beach. The beach is sandy, gentle, and full of coconut. We met a street trader, bought a bowl of a strange snail. It was crunchy and sweet. When searching on the internet, it looked like Oc vu nang (She screws Breasts) – the specialty of Con Dao island.

If you have time, climb up Vung Chua to watch the overview of Quy Nhon Vietnam or take panorama pictures. From the top down to the Quy Hoa leper hospital, look across the highway, see the signs of the resort (Sorry I do not remember the name); go straight that road; then you reach the top of Vung Chua.

Day 3: Ghenh da Dia, Nhan Tower, Tuy Hoa
The third day, we still stayed in the bed late so we depart late as well. From Quy Nhon City, we took the bus right at Quy Nhon University. There was a bus running straight Tuy An district, Phu Yen. We arrived at one gas station. We asked people here to keep our 2 backpacks (people here are very gentle and sincere, should not worry about losing your items. However, you should take any valuable items with you for safe). Then we asked him for help by calling the motorbike taxi. At 11 am, the driver came. He rode so fast that both of us have our hearts in our mouths. However, we still tried to watch around to find anything interesting along the road. It was horribly sunny on that day. The sky was blue, white clouds were scattered. Finally, we reached Genh Da Dia. It is pretty amazing. Blackened stone by stone, block by block, all eight episodes as arranged fins, pure water, fresh, foamy waves and white sand and sky is beautiful that my words are not enough to describe.
After taking a series of photos, playing in 2 hours, we were suntanned.
This was a new development area, tourists only came here to play just one moment and came back, so there were only small greasy spoons, if you want to eat in restaurants with many dishes, you can take a taxi or motorbike going to O Loan Lagoon area within a few kilometers. There is fresh seafood and it is moderately cheap. We had eaten seafood for several days so we took motorcycle taxi uncle back to the gas station. Then we received our backpacks and took the bus back to Tuy Hoa city. As a backpacker, I haven’t seen any place as cheap as in Tuy Hoa.

We rent a beautiful room but not much airy, with 150,000 VND per day. Then we took a taxi to Thap Nhan (Nhan Tower). We wandered in the tower for a while then glided to walk down the bottom. We stopped at the foot of the tower where there is a snack street. We ate a tasty food but naturally forgot the name and the cane juice is surprisingly cheap (only 6000 VND for 2 cups).
After a few days we were exhausted, just wanted to sleep to fly back the following day.

In Tuy Hoa, there are 2 tourist attractions that you should also visit:

  • Mui Dien – Dai Lanh Cape
  • Mui Doi (Khanh Hoa) adjacent to Tuy Hoa. It’s charming.

Source: Visa to Vietnam


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