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Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys

You’ve seen it in the movies – girls falling for the bad guys in movies, for the drug dealers, for the school haters and for the vampires. Well, the underlying reason behind this behavior primarily is because of human’s need to rebel. To take a walk near the dark side and for some, to take a walk TO the dark side. And since society paints the perfect man as a well dressed, neat cut, stable job holding non-vampire, the complete opposite is what attracts us, mainly skull designed, medusa-haired, drug syndicate Edward Cullens. BUT, there’s a type of boys, a hybrid so to speak, that sweeps girls off their feet and stakes every Edward Cullen there is.

The Hybrid

Despite the natural inclination to want all that is bad, girls have a more practical side to them too. Basically – they want a certain status and assurance in their men. To be assured that they would be well provided and not live off grass (mix it with ketchup and it’s kinda tasty) in the future. Summing up – they want a men who can provide and ain’t all bad. So, this is how the hybrid is born.

The hybrid is a mix between the good and the bad, like chicken and broccoli (i’m hungry you see). The hybrid will be the man who’s not all good, yet not all bad. While he has this mohawk and have skulls hanging from his neck, he would also be an oxford graduate, while he may curse and swear at the world, when he’s with his mom he protects her and loves her unconditionally, and while he walks with an air of arrogance, he dresses up professionally. It’s this kind of person that is known as the hybrid and simply melts women’s hearts.

The Explanation

The explanation behind this is fairly simple, the hybrid combines the need and wants of any girl – the bad boy image with the good boy qualities. Usually it’s that way round, it’s hardly the bad boy qualities with the good boy image. Combining the best of both worlds, this leave us with the hybrid, a person that satisfies the needs and wants of any girl.

Start Remodeling

Yup, start remodeling people.  If you’re a goody two shoes, go and inject a dose of badass into yourself, and if you’re a badass already, go inject a dose of harry-potter-goodness into yourself and with just the right dosage and balance, you’ll be hot property -winks.

Anyway, i’ll be spending a lot more time in the Loveawake forum so to have a personal word with me or if you have any questions ranging from your affairs of the heart to why do they call it a building when it’s already built, do find me at Loveawake blog

How To Get A Guy Back After You Scared Him Away

This is a special request i received asking on how to get a guy  back if you have scared him away. Do note that if you all have any special requests for articles you would want me to write on, you can always contact me here. Anyway, back to the topic at hand – so you scared the guy off, what tactics (apart from black magic, black mail and voodoo dolls – despite their amazing effectiveness) can you employ get him back? (:

Step 1.) Pinpoint The Problem First

First and foremost, you have to pinpoint the problem that he had with you that scared him away in the first place. This could be because he thought you were too clingy, too possessive, too unfaithful (gonna be tough), too dominant or a whole host of other reasons. These points are usually the points you discuss and quarrel about prior to a breakup so you should know very well what are they. So pinpoint them first then go to step 2.

Step 2.) Wrong On Your Pinpointed Problem

Go for whatever therapy it takes to get rid of your pinpointed problem, whether it be retail therapy, massage therapy or even lemon squeezing therapy (it works). The main point is to overcome that problem whether it may be because you were too possessive, too clingy or too dominant. After you’ve ensured that you’ve overcame that problem, it’s time for you to start showing it off.

Step 3.) Show Him How Wrong He Was

This can take the more indirect form of taking every chance to rub what he thought was wrong with you in his face after your therapy sessions have helped you overcame it, through showing him how non-needy you are, how changed you have become and basically showing him how everything that he thought was wrong with you, has now changed . If you opt for the more direct method, simply do cartwheels in front of him (do practice first before executing them though). After he sees how wrong he has been on you, he’ll definitely start wanting you back -winks.


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