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How To Woo A Guy

Forget about teddy bears and stuff toys to woo a guy, they’re only worth getting a guy if they have opposable thumbs and can hold machine guns, which they obviously can’t (at least for the teddy bears i received, had to sew it into their hands). There are many better ways to woo a guy, but here are my top 3 – a secret passed down from generations to generations, but somehow not landing on the hands of any single given female -shrugs.

Take A Genuine Interest In His Interest

Unlike my article on how to woo a girl, how to woo a guy requires you to take a genuine interest in his interest. This can be in the form of being able to name all (or at least 2) the players in the soccer team he supports, or be able to sit through a gruesome 2 hour long tennis match without falling asleep, or even to understand the complex strategies and rules (at least they are, according to women) of football. Whichever the interest your guy of choice has chosen to be obsessed over, taking (and not feigning) a genuine interest in it would go a looong way to making you seem a lot more likable, plus you’ll get to spend a lot more time with him (although i cannot guarantee his attention would be on you for more than 10 minutes, excluding half time breaks).

Support The Rival Team

Oh, this one i find particularly attractive. When a girl (genuinely) supports a rival team. This indefinitely increases the intensity between the two of you, something no amount of lingerie or.. chocolate, can do. However, do be warned that although this intensity is a double edged sword. If the rival team you support beats your guy of choice’s team, he’ll be hating you for quite some time and it’d be wise to back off a bit. BUT, if his team wins, despite you being supposedly sad, he will celebrate so hard he’ll possibly even sell his house, or his latest toy car collection away. The main point is that he’ll feel victorious and superior over you, something guys can hardly do when placed in a spelling bee competition, and he’ll love every part of it, and YOU are also part of it. (:

Be Initiative

Okay, i believe i speak for most guys here when i say that guys don’t really like to initiate. It’s a stupid rule that was made because our stone age alpha male ancestor lost in a game or rock paper scissors to the alpha female, ever since then, it’s been the bane of our pursuit of relationships. However, every once in awhile, a girl would break that trend and take the initiative instead – this can be in the form of initiating conversation to initiating a request for a date – and this lightens the pressure greatly on the guy, and guys love that. They spend thousands of hours reading  up on how to approach a girl, and another thousand hesitating when the opportunity presents itself, so a simple switch of initiative would really really make their day, and put you in pole position for the race of their heart.

All The Best (:

Yup, all the best in your quest on wooing a guy. Previously,  i had a post on how to woo a girl, and do take note that most of the points there are also applicable in how to woo a guy, so perhaps it’s worth checking it out. Do post any further questions or requests you have here in the comment box below, or  perhaps even (much more encouraged) join Loveawake dating site and discuss your affairs of the heart there (:


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